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News and Events

Please remember emails from Fr. Greg or the parish staff will be sent from a stekc.org address. Messages from other addresses are from scammers and are not legitimate. If you are unsure about a message or request please start a new email to the appropriate stekc.org address. Do not reply to the original email.

Several parishioners have received emails recently from “Rev. Greg Haskampp” or some other incorrect variation on his name, vaguely requesting assistance and asking for a reply.

If you receive such a message, please check 1) the email address with what is listed in the bulletin 2) the spelling of Fr. Greg’s name and 3) the content of the message before replying, especially if the request is a vague invitation to help with an unspecified task. It most likely is a phishing scam.

Fr. Greg will typically use the phone to request a conversation with someone. If he uses email, the purpose is made explicit in the message and should obviously be connected to parish business. When in doubt, create a new message rather than replying to the original one.

This is not unique to St. Elizabeth and parishes across the country have been targeted. Here are two articles:

Don't do your boss any favors buying gift cards - it's likely a scam




Slainte, Young Adult Parishioners Ministry, will have their first Service (and Social) opportunity kicking off this holiday season on December 3 and 4. Learn more about this great opportunity and meet some new people!





Advent Reflection Program Led By Fr. Greg: In October, Fr. Greg was the keynote speaker at the diocesan all-staff day gathering, with the theme, Living the Real Presence in the Real World. Everyone loved his presentation (of course), and we’re excited to have him repeat it for us as an Advent reflection at St. Elizabeth. Please join us in the church on Monday, December 12, 7:00 – 8:30pm for an inspiring evening!




Ongoing News and Events

Pietra Fitness is a stretching and strengthening workout class that incorporates Christian prayer and meditations in the Catholic tradition. Classes for women are held in Seton Hall most Wednesday evenings at 5:15pm. Learn More About Pietra Fitness...



Mothers of Young Children (MOYC) meets every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:45pm in Seton Hall. Learn More About MOYC...