Liturgical Ministries

Please contact Susie Adams for more information or to volunteer for any of these ministries.

  • Altar Servers: boys and girls are trained at the end of their 5th-grade year for assisting our Priests during Mass. 
  • Church Art and Environment: parishioners provide attractive décor for all seasons of the Church year, including care of live plants.
  • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: these ministers distribute the Body of Christ and the Precious Blood at Liturgy, after they have received Diocesan training and commissioning. Eucharist Ministers for the sick visit and distribute communion to the homebound and to nursing-home residents each weekend.
  • Gift Bearers: families and groups of parishioners bring forward the gifts of bread and wine and our contributions for the church and for the poor, during our weekend Eucharistic Celebrations.
  • Greeters: these volunteers help create an environment that fosters a sense of belonging by welcoming each member to Sunday worship. Membership is open to interested parishioners who would welcome people with a sense of reverence and friendliness.
  • Readers: parishioners proclaim the Word of God at Liturgies. The Diocese provides training several times during the year.
  • Ushers: men or women (age 14 years and up) work in teams to ready the church for Liturgy and gather the collection. Cordiality and service are major qualifications for this ministry. Every weekend Liturgy is in need of additional ushers, especially people willing to be substitutes.