Comfort in the Word

Comfort in the Word is a Ministry offered at St. Elizabeth which allows people to come together to offer one another love and support; to share each other’s stories; to listen to each other; and most importantly to pray with one another, asking God’s guidance, His strength and His comfort to be with you in your days ahead. 

If your grief is new, or even if you think you have come to terms with your loss, we welcome you. We know that God uses all of us in helping one another. We have people who have recently lost a loved one, and also people who have lost loved ones many years back. It never ceases to amaze us how God works in that hour using the right people to share the right words for a certain person at that time. We also sponsor an annual Memorial Service and Mass in November in honor of your loved ones who have died.

We generally meet once a month in the Church Narthex or via Zoom. For more information, contact the Parish Office.