Smoking ‘n Waldo Registration

WHEN: Monday, August 12th in the St. Elizabeth Cafeteria (located below the gym). Drawing starts promptly at 7:00PM.  Please register your team here REGISTRATION FORM HERE. You can contact us at smoking.n.waldo@gmail.com with any questions.

We have been blessed by the overwhelming team participation in the Smoking ‘n Waldo Barbecue Contest. Thank you for making it a great success. However, with limited space we need to allow new parents and parishioners a chance to enter their team.  Therefore, we will be going to a lottery system for registration to fill the available spots.  The lottery will give our returning teams recognition for past years while allowing new teams a chance to participate.  We are capping the number of teams this year at 36.

Here are the rules.
1. Each team must have 1 St. Elizabeth Parishioner on the team unless you are a $600 or higher sponsor.
2. Each team* will get one entry for the current year
3. Returning teams will get an additional entry for each prior year they participated
4. Past Grand Champions will get an additional entry for each year won
5. Teams will get a max of 5 entries unless you are a past champion and you will get 5 plus 1 for each year you won Grand Champion
6. You will get one entry for each year you have served on the committee
Teams must have at least 1 representative at the time of the registration. At that time as teams are drawn they will register, pay ($175) and pick their spot for the upcoming event.
The only spots that will already be reserved are the auction winner, any $600 or up eligible sponsor and the returning grand champion.
If you would like to sponsor at the $600 level this comes with a team spot and you will select the spot before the lottery drawing.
We thank everyone for their interest in this event. We feel this is the best way to say thank you to our returning teams while allowing new teams to get in the event.
* ”teams” are defined by the captain on the previous years registration.