Visiting a new church can be intimidating: What should I wear? Where do I park? Where do my kids go?

We understand the many thoughts that can come from visiting a new church, so we want you to feel completely comfortable when you visit. Below are some frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us or talk with an usher when you visit. If you are ready to make St. Elizabeth your parish home please contact Frank Medina.

When is confession available? Individual confessions are available on Saturdays at 3:30pm in the church, or by appointment (please contact Fr. Bob).

How do I get to St. Elizabeth Catholic Church? The church is located on the NW corner of 75th & Main Streets in Kansas City, Missouri. Please note our published business address, 4 E. 75th St., is across the street from the church.

Where should I park? 
You may enter the main parking lot from 74th Terrace (to the north of the church), or from 75th Street via. the driveway between our gym and the hardware store. There is additional parking on the east side of Main St., and limited street parking (please observe posted restrictions).

Where do my children go?
Children are vibrant and welcome members the Celebration of the Liturgy and of our parish. When a fussy infant or toddler needs a break, parents are invited to take them to the Narthex (south lobby). Speakers and full view of the church means parents can continue to participate in Mass when tending to the needs of their little ones.

I’m not Catholic ... so, how do I know when to sit, stand and kneel?
Catholic worship includes changes in posture that help us to more fully participate in each moment and intent of the liturgy. The easiest way to follow the changes in posture are to watch what others do and follow their lead until it becomes natural. Directions are also included in the Missal.

We stand to fully participate in the opening hymn and introductory rites. We sit when the liturgy calls for attentive listening and receptivity: during the first reading from scripture, the psalm, and the second reading. We then stand for the gospel acclamation and the proclamation of the Gospel, giving enhanced respect to the Gospel. We sit during the homily and the preparation of the gifts. We stand at the beginning of the liturgy of the Eucharist. At the beginning of the Eucharistic Prayer, we kneel in humility before the gift of Christ’s presence enacted during the consecration of the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ. We stand at the conclusion of the Eucharistic Prayer, and pray the Lord’s Prayer together and share the sign of peace. At St. Elizabeth, we kneel again after the Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) prayer, and remain kneeling during the Communion Rite (except when it’s time to join the procession to receive communion). We remain kneeling until the Presider returns the consecrated bread to the tabernacle and closes it, or if you prefer, until he is seated after cleansing of the vessels. We stand for the concluding rite, final blessing, and recessional.

I’m not Catholic ... is it okay for me to participate in communion?
The reception of Communion is reserved to Catholics, with a few exceptions under canon law. Two of these exceptional conditions are that the baptized non-Catholic person first must share our Catholic faith in the meaning of the Eucharist, that this is the Body and Blood of Christ, the Real Presence, and
second, that they must lack normal access to a minister of their own faith tradition. These exceptions should be addressed with a priest, and ideally with the bishop, before approaching to receive Communion. Orthodox Christians are welcome to receive, but should take care to observe the guidelines of their own traditions, which may prohibit it. Polish National Catholics and the Assyrians of East are likewise welcome.

Am I expected to put money in the offering?
Contributions are welcome and appreciated, but not expected. The offertory is one of the ways that every member of the assembly can take an active part in the Liturgy and is an opportunity to model God’s generosity in thanksgiving for the blessings in your life.

I have a hearing problem. Is there any special assistance?

We have a limited number of devices available to assist with this. Please see an usher or sacristan before Mass to request a device.  

We also host a sign language interpreter at the 10:00 am Mass on the 1st Sunday. Please sit in the front-right section for the best view.