Yes I Can!




Do you ever feel like you want to make a difference in the lives of others, but don't have the time? Would you like to get involved in a ministry here at St. Elizabeth parish, but don't know where you belong? If you answered yes, then the St. Elizabeth "Yes, I Can" program is a great opportunity for you to help others without long-term commitment and a chance to taste and see what different ministries are all about!

The premise is simple. Each month, we are in touch with the ministries and organizations here at St. Elizabeth to see where help is needed. The volunteer requests submitted by the ministries cannot require more than $10.00 or two hours of a person's time.

After Mass on the second weekend of each month, we will have descriptions of various volunteer opportunities that people can look over. You may sign up to help with any project to which you feel called. It will be a one-time commitment. We know that many people want to help more, but their schedules are very busy and some folks are not able to make long-term commitments at the moment.

The "Yes, I Can" program allows parishioners to reach out and help make a difference in the parish and in others? lives. Another benefit is that it will allow people to try different ministries to see which one is a good fit. Hopefully, people will find a ministry that they feel they are being called to become involved with on a regular basis. Keep your eyes, ears, and hearts open to the Holy Spirit. Let?s see where you are led to make a difference!

If you are a ministry or organization leader at St. Elizabeth and you are not receiving "Yes, I Can" emails, please contact:
Vanessa Prewitt ,