Smoking 'n' Waldo 2 the quicking!

St. Elizabeth Catholic Parish presents

Smoking 'n' Waldo 2013

3rd Annual (& Waldo's First) BBQ Tournament
September 20 & 21st, 2013
Rain or Shine!

We are looking for Judges

We are looking for 30 to help us out. We are looking for preferably KCBS Judges, but if you love BBQ and are serious about helping out and eating a lot off BBQ we need your help.

You must love and know BBQ! If we hear that you don't eat meat, or are live on salad, then you are out on your ear!

If you are intersted please contact us @

We will need you September 21st from 1:30 for the 2:00pm Judges meeting, untill 4:30ish.